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Hi, I'm Callie.

I am here to teach you how to TRANSFORM your life, so you can have more success, confidence and meaning in your life and business.  


6 Proven steps on how to take control of your emotions so that you can take control of your life

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Callie inspires a grounded, doable and actionable plan to have you moving past fear, doubt and overwhelm to feeling confident, clear and in control. Callie is a double certified Life Coach specializing in Mindset. She is passionate about helping people transform their life from the inside out. Are you ready to create exciting change in your life?  


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"When I began life coaching with Callie I was having major issues with sadness and guilt over past losses. I was completely stuck in the past and unable to fully enjoy my life. The absolute best thing about coaching was knowing I had someone in my corner encouraging and urging me forward. Callie has helped improve the quality of my life! With Callie 's help, I got clarity over what I wanted from life and how to get there. I gained the tools I needed to control my emotions and choose actions that enhanced my life. I feel so much happier and more relaxed than before! I trust myself for the first time and am looking forward to the future! I know I am strong enough to face whatever life brings my way and am wise enough to enjoy what every day brings me. Every relationship I have was strengthened and improved. I am happier and more at peace than I have been in years! I am now super excited about what the future holds for me. ​ I highly recommend life coaching to anyone considering it. Sometimes we need help creating the life we desire and being our best selves. This is exactly what Callie does best. "


"I was in a bad position when I first met Callie. My relationship with my wife was ok, my energy was down, and my ambition was nonexistent. The effects of my sessions with Callie were noticeable immediately! The difference was mind boggling. She challenged me to think why, all the time! She guided me to what made me happy. Callie has improved my life in every way. I have more personal time, better relationships, my ambition is back, and my relationship with my wife has never been so good. My whole life has turned around because of the guidance of Callie. If you are thinking “Can this really help?” IT CAN! Don’t think you will tough it out. Life is too short! Call Callie today and make your life better one conversation at a time. Caution, you may cry, and you have to want to change your ways."

Alex Davidson

"I think everybody deserves a coach. Callie is not just a coach. She has a gift that I cannot explain. My coaching relationship is “the work” in my life right now. These sessions are the catalyst for real changes in my life, the speed of the changes is unbelievable. I have discovered with Callie my energy drains, addresses some fears, and found my true values and desires and also I am beginning new healthy boundaries. I have also tapped in to my own bodies wisdom and I am starting to accept, love and nurture my better self. I have only been working with Callie for a short time and she has coached and helped me change from an anxious, too busy, distracted person who repelled and avoided healthy people and attracted similar misery to myself to a much more content, motivated, get it done, move forward kind of leader. I’m really just getting started! I see things through new fresh eyes and I’m super excited for what’s in store for myself as a mom, daughter, sister, Auntie, nurse and friend. I will forever thank Callie for her help in changing my life. I highly recommend Callie and her coaching as an effective training tool! Looking forward to the many weeks ahead continuing this rewarding work with her!"

Marsha Dorion

"I contacted Callie after having had a few challenging years within my career, which had me doubting my professional path. At the time I was unable to think clearly, and through our sessions, she has lead me to re-organize my thought process with the all of the right questions! From her guidance, I’ve gained a new perspective on how to re-evaluate what is important to me professionally and personally. I always look forward to meeting with Callie as she has such an easy going personality and positive attitude. With Callie’s practical and demonstrative support, I am able to convert my thought process to enable me to make the right decisions that align within my personal and professional and goals to live a much better life.” ​"

Marsha M. Dorion

"Before working with Callie, I had feelings of guilt, jealousy, shame, low self esteem, and felt unloved and lost. Callie made me feel instantly comfortable and she listened without judgement. Since beginning working with Callie, I have set goals and I like where my life is heading. I have gained confidence, self worth and strength. I would highly recommend working with Callie to anyone and everyone. Everyone deserves to be living their most fulfilled lives. Callie is who you want to be supporting you through your life journey. "

Speech Pathologist

"Callie has been fantastic to work with. From our very first meeting, I felt at ease, as if I had known her for many years. Callie works with clients to dig deep into the root of the challenges/ issues they face and encourages them to move forward and make lasting changes in a loving and accepting way. If you are ready to take action and break free from old patterns/limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you and live a happy, fulfilled life, working with Callie is a must! Her life coaching services are truly an investment in yourself that you will have for the rest of your life. I will be forever grateful for working with this gifted coach! ​"

Marketing and customer experience manager

"I decided to work with Callie because I was feeling stuck and trapped. I felt like I was not being me, not loving who I was. When it came down to it I realized I did not feel worthy. I have a successful career, everything looked good on the outside, but it didn’t feel good on the inside. All of which affected my self esteem, my health, my work and my relationships. Intellectually I knew what I needed to do, what I wanted, but I couldn’t seem to make it happen. I didn’t feel like I was worthy enough. I didn’t feel like I was worth the time and to take the time to do the work seemed indulgent. I found myself avoiding change and spending a lot of money on other things that didn’t make me happy, just trying to fill the void, and it never did. I also spent my time trying to make other people happy, hoping that in return it would make me happy, but it never worked. I felt trapped in a cycle of not loving myself and not being happy the way I wanted. So I decided to start working with Callie, and after only 8 sessions my life has changed drastically for the better! I can talk freely with Callie without worry of judgment. She helps me think about things in a new way and holds me accountable to take action. Since starting Coaching I have been able to create a home environment that makes me happy. I actually look forward to coming home now! I feel more confident speaking my truth and making decisions that align with what I want and who I want to be. Honestly, I can say I feel like I am completely myself for the first time ever and it feels amazing! I am happy to say that every area of my life has improved: my home life, work life, romantic life and my health. I highly recommend working with Callie to anyone that wants to see immediate change in their personal or professional lives. Worth every penny and more. It is life changing. Just do it! "


"Working with Callie has been life changing. The discovery call with Callie was the start of a journey I had no idea awaited me. My coaching sessions challenged me, my thinking, my actions, my reactions, my mindset and outlook. Everything in my life was being positively impacted by working with Callie. I didn't think it was possible to move from being a person that second guessed every decision, putting myself last to become someone who lives, breathes and discovers- joy, happiness, confidence, growth, change, and difficulties with open arms and a mindset of " I got this. I am worth it, every second, every penny, I am worth this effort and journey of discovery, growth and purpose." It is hard to put it into words what Callie and her knowledge and coaching has done for me, both personally and professionally. I am a better wife, friend, colleague, daughter, sister…the list goes on because of her. It has been such a beautiful (yet challenging but in an enjoyable way) uncovering of my true, authentic, purpose driven self. The stages of change and growth I have experienced with Callie made me think so many times WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS YEARS AGO? She is such a special person and her knowledge, compassion and techniques are a gift that I am so thankful that I was on the receiving end of. Allowing you to question (even struggle sometimes) and move through each coaching module more polished and enlightened than the one before. She is truly AMAZING! If you are thinking about starting with Callie, just do it! Don’t wait. You will not regret it. That I promise. A beautiful journey awaits."

Project Manager

"I contacted Callie because I was feeling uncertain of myself. Having always been a high achiever with many great accomplishments to be proud of I still felt lost and unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. I had recently made some major life and career changes and needed to gain some clarity on my values and goals. Callie is exactly what I needed to refocus and get excited about my future. She is encouraging, loving and tough - I had to put the work in to get the results I've gotten but she's encouraged me through it all. She has taught me to truly love myself and I thank her for that. Working with Callie is the best investment you can make for yourself!" "

Julie Ann Gauthier
Project Manager



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